City-Bus Dudelange, Luxemburg

The city of Dudelange is located in the south of Luxembourg and is with its 19,400 inhabitants (2014) the fourth largest city in Luxembourg. The population consists of more than 80 different nations, and the city has developed from a former industrial town to a thriving modern city with a diverse labour supply and a strong cultural scene.

In order to offer an effective public transport network, the existing bus network has been analysed, in coordination with the region and the offer on the existing railway line with 4 stops in the municipality, optimised and adapted to the needs of the residents.

The partly complicated course of the lines and the established one-way operation is replaced by a more coherent course of the lines. The new bus concept provides 4 CityBus-lines and an extended RegioBus-line (line 5). The municipal district is tapped threw the 4 CityBus-lines in a north-south-axis and threw the extended RegioBus-line in a west-east-axis. As a result the greatest possible developement in both directions with relatively few buses will be achieved and a development of important points within the city is guaranteed. There is a half-hour interval of the busses in both directions Furthermore the timetables are coordinated with those of the web in order to avoid long transfer times.

The routes of the lines and the circulation have been created together with the inter-municipal bus operation TICE.

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Administration communale de la ville de Dudelange