Mobilitätskonzept Ettelbrück

Ettelbrück, a municipality in Luxembourg with more than 8.000 inhabitants, planned to make efforts in sustainable and future-compliant mobility, especially in order to strengthen the eco-mobility modes (public transport, cycling and walking).

The mobility concept, drawn up by komobile, was based on the regional mobility concept “Nordstad” and the general development plan (Plan d’Aménagement Général – PAG), in which komobile was part of the project team.

The tasks were first of all the collection and analysis of data and the existing plans. Afterwards, based on an area survey, all transport modes were analysed.

Based on the analyses, a mobility strategy was developed and objectives were defined. The set of measures aimed first of all to reduce the traffic in the city centre of Ettelbrück and to strengthen the attractiveness of the existing city bus.

The mobility strategy and the set of measures took into consideration the approaching new building of the train station and the related planning in the city centre (as the new underpass and the new bus station).

A participation process accompanied the mobility concept development. The inhabitants had the possibility to actively participate from the phase of analysis to the defining of the mobility strategy and the development of the set of measures. They were experts of their everyday life, and so they were important partners in contributing their knowledge.

At the closing presentation of the mobility concept, the inhabitants had the possibility to present, supported by the team of komobile, the results to the policymakers.

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Gemeinde Ettelbrück, Luxemburg
2012 - 2015