Forschungsprojekt su:b:city

su:b:city stands for suburbia:bike:city. In this project the complexity was analyzed how effective an integrated approach of measures in top-level infrastrucure for bicyles and vehicle technology is for the increase of usage of bicycle in urban sprawls.  

The results of the project are:

  • Recommendations for the quality standard of top-level bicycles infrastructure (radiuses, inclination etc.)
  • Detailed  analysis of a pedelec test concerning velocity, operation distance and matter of support  
  • Estimation of potential user of pedelecs in the  analyzed area Vienna and its urban agglomeration
  • Recommendation for a top-level bicycle route in the southwestern territory of Vienna
  • Evaluation of the shifting effects from individual motorized traffic to pedelecs (effects in climate, environment and health)
  • Development of the ‘Iso-Energeten-approach’

With the assistance of the pedelec test it can be estimated, how much more the operating range (by using the same kinetic energy) is by pedelec compared with conventional bikes. Consequently this approach was improved and supported by GIS illustrated on the street map of the Viennese area. Resulting illustrations with zones of influence of the use of pedelcs and bikes by using the same kinetic energy. One benefit of this method is, that the based-on formula can be used automatically for every net.







2010 bis 2011